Theory Test

At SMH Driving School Manchester we can give you all the help and assistance you need to help you pass your driving theory test.

The test consists of two sections. The first, multiple choice, section has 50 questions and the pass mark is 43 out of 50. The theory test is available in a number of different languages and we can advise you to ensure that you take it in the best language for you.

The second part of the test is a hazard perception test where you will see a number of video clips and you need to click the mouse at the appropriate time when you see the developing hazard. You take both parts of the test at the same time and need to pass them both. If you do not you need to take both parts again. You have to pass the theory before you can apply for your practical driving test.

The address for Manchester theory test centre is: Theory Test Centre, 111 Piccadilly (5th floor), Manchester, M1 2HY